Usual Causes And Types Of Water Leaks You Need To Know

Tired of water leaking everywhere? Looking for a plumber near your area to ask for some information? This blog will teach you some of the most common types and causes of water leaks to give you an idea before consulting your local plumbers.

5 Main Causes Of Water Leaks

1. Clogged Pipes

Clogged drains are a headache. However, some obstructions might result in overflowing or broken pipes. Obstructions like air handler drain pans or gutters might cause water damage. To avoid clogging, keep your gutters and drainages clean.

2. Damaged Seals

All water hookups were sealed by the contractor when they were installed. Seals can also be found in unexpected locations, such as on the inside of your dishwasher door. The seal on your appliances may break or wear out as time pass by. If you observe condensation on your appliance, check for a damaged seal as it may have it.

3. Damaged Pipe Joints

The most prone to damage part in a line is usually the pipe joints. These joints can degrade over time, resulting in future leaks. Be mindful of ticking or banging noise, especially when you turn on the hot water. If you hear these unusual noises, your pipe joints are probably under a lot of strain.

4. Rust And Corrosion

Rust and other kinds of corrosion are a hassle and will weaken your pipes. If you observe discoloration or warping in your pipes, it’s best to call a plumber to inspect the damage. Consider replacing or updating any pipe that is at high risk of corrosion. If unsure of what to do, contact your plumbing in Alexandria professionals.

5. Tree Roots

Some of the most typical water leaks are caused by tree roots that are near your pipelines. Tree roots can sometimes grow to hinder your water lines. This allows moisture to leak into your yard. Have a plumber check the issue if you observe any new damp spots or sinkholes in your yard. Take note of and observe declines in water pressure, or trees growing close to your property.

4 Common Types Of Water Leaks

1. Primary Pipe Leaks

Water may drip sometimes, somewhere in your home. This is due to a plumbing pipe with holes or damage in it. Water leaks through these cracks, causing flooding in particular regions of your property. If you do nothing, the odds of the pipe breaking due to water pressure increases over time until it floods your home.

2. Washing Machine Leaks

When it comes to cleaning your clothing, having a washing machine may save you a lot of time. It can, however, be a source of a water leak. If you don’t properly connect the hoses on a washing machine, you’re likely to flood the whole inside of your home.

3. Irrigation System Leaks

Some folks are fortunate enough to have a beautiful garden in their backyard. Along with a lovely environment, these plants should be watered by a reliable irrigation system. A leak has happened if you see a pool of water growing in your garden. Look for the leaking areas and address them quickly as too much water will harm your garden.

4. Showerhead Leaks

Have you ever observed water escaping from the showerhead after you’ve had a shower and closed it? If you do, you should act quickly since a leaky showerhead will drastically increase your water cost. To remedy a leak like this, you’ll need to buy a new showerhead of your choice. Replace the old one and your water leak problem will be solved.

Wrapping Up

These leaks are inevitable. After quite some time, we will experience these types of water problems. To avoid these, consult the plumbing experts in your area.